How to Keep Excess Moisture Away From Your Roof

Excess moisture can be one of the worst enemies of your roof or any portion of your home. Fortunately, a roofing company may be able to take steps to keep your roof as dry as possible and make sure that you don't have to replace your shingles or other components early because of water damage.

Clean Shingles to Get Rid of Moss or Algae

It isn't uncommon for a roof to be covered in algae or moss if it doesn't get a lot of sunlight. These substances typically are found in corners or other areas of the roof that may be blocked by a tree or some other object. A Toronto roofing company will have the tools and expertise to scrub your shingles clean without causing any damage to them. This is important because scrubbing away granules may make it easier for moisture to seep through it or for pests to eat through a shingle.

Cut Down or Trim Trees That May Be Blocking Sunlight From Coming Through

In some cases, companies that work on roofs may also have the required skills to cut down or trim a tree. This may be helpful because the sun can now shine on a shingle or group of shingles to help dry them in a timely manner. Getting rid of trees close to the roof may reduce the odds that organic material clogs the gutters or stops water from dripping from the tree onto the roof.

Add Extra Ventilation to the Attic

Water will pool in an attic if there is no way to circulate air through it. This occurs because the air will become so humid that condensation will occur. It is similar to how the mirror in a bathroom will fog up when too much hot water is allowed to stagnate during a bath or shower. Adding new vents is a relatively easy process that only takes a few minutes per vent.

When working properly, your ventilation system should be able to circulate air in an out of the attic in as little as 30 minutes. Making this change may also make it possible to use your attic as actual storage or living space instead of just another space that you hope doesn't attract pests or squirrels.

Your roof is one of the most important components of your home. Therefore, you need to take especially good care of it if you want to create a safe and comfortable place to live. Making sure that moisture levels are kept to a minimal level may extend its useful life as ensure that the rest of the house doesn't suffer from unnecessary damage.