5 Roofing Services to Explore if You Have a Flat Roof

Flat roofs are common, especially with commercial buildings. It's more affordable to have a flat roof, which leads to why they are seen with regularity. There are problems with flat roofs, however. They offer little to no slope, creating drainage problems that cause leaks inside the building and much more.

By understanding the roofing services available to you, it's easier to provide the needed care for your roof.

1: Improve Drainage
When it rains, water sits on the roof. It has nowhere to go, which can add additional weight to the roof. You should look at improving drainage, which is where a roofing company can help.

Temporary water pumps can be placed on the roof. You can also look at various other forms of drainage that can be added to the roof. It ensures that there are some means of dealing with rainfall and other water throughout the year.

2: Add a Slope
If you have had multiple problems with your flat roof, it might be time to add a slope. This is when a roofing Toronto company will come in and build onto your roof. While it's a slightly expensive undertaking, it solves a number of problems. You can finally have a shape to your roof that is more conducive to allowing water to roll off of it instead of experiencing ponding all year long.

3: Fix Leaks
Various leaks may be in place across the roof. If leaks do not get addressed in a timely fashion, it can lead to bigger leaks. You also have to look at the condition of the ceilings as well as any interior items that are getting wet as a result of the roof leak.

Often, leaks occur because there is so much water on the roof. The water has no place to go. The roof is designed to handle a certain amount of weight. When that weight is exceeded time and time again, leaks occur.

4: Address Cracks
You are likely going to see cracks on the top of your flat roof. Often, this is because of allowing water to sit there for more than a day. It starts to crack the concrete material, which will happen no matter how well it is sealed. If the water is sitting there for extended amounts of time, the weight alone will cause cracking.

5: Take Care of Ponding
Over time, dips and grooves will form in the flat roof. These dips will allow water to sit there without rolling off. This creates ponds across your roof. When the ponds hold water for several days, it can result in cracks and leaks.

Many times, ponding can be fixed by smoothing out the surface. Various compounds can be added to create a level surface across the roof once again.

Roofers have a number of services that they can provide when you have a flat roof. The important thing is to have your roof inspected periodically. From there, professional roofers can make suggestions as to what services are going to be best for any problems that you are experiencing.